In the modern world, effective leadership is more important than ever. The ability to collaborate with others and make informed decisions is essential to inspiring proactive change in our global society. At Webster University Geneva, students have the chance to gain real-world experience through the co-curricular leadership program, Webster LEADS. Upon completion, students are awarded a formal certificate that testifies to their practical skills and experience. 

In our globalized world, graduates are increasingly valued for their cross-cultural communication and ability to work effectively within that environment. As a cultural capital of Europe, Geneva is home to a diverse array of people, ideas, and perspectives. While studying in the heart of this setting, students in the Webster LEADS program gain real organization, leadership, and teamwork experience. In the process, they find the confidence to take up powerful positions in the global economy. Here’s a closer look at how Webster LEADS fosters essential skills in our students. 

Gain Practical Leadership Experience 

Experience is a must-have for anyone looking to stand out in the competitive workplaces of today. Employers are looking for people who can demonstrate responsibility and confidence in assuming positions of authority. If you’re hoping to move up the ranks of an organization, you’ll need to manage a team of workers and lead by example to encourage the positive development of those around you. The best way to achieve this is through practical experience in a position of leadership. 

The Webster LEADS program is an ongoing application of practical leadership experience designed to empower participants to develop as responsible citizens. When you study abroad in Geneva, you’ll have the chance to assume leadership positions on campus to prepare you for future roles in society and the global workforce. Some of this experience can be gained within the Work Study Scholarship program, with positions as a Resident Assistant and Graduations Ceremony Assistant. Other campus roles include Front Desk Management, Orientation Leader, and Student Government President. Each of these positions is a chance for students to develop their own leadership philosophy and test that approach in a real-world context. 

Study in Switzerland and gain practical leadership experience through campus positions

Connect With the Community At Our Private University in Geneva

First and foremost, effective leadership is about motivating and inspiring people to work together to achieve the goals of the whole collective. When you study in Switzerland, you’ll join an international community of diverse voices, each bringing a unique perspective and approach to the table. Through the Webster LEADS program, students can take part in a collaborative process that involves their peers, faculty, and the surrounding community. This is an opportunity to build relationships within teams and develop effective interpersonal skills to implement positive action. 

Beyond strong communication, the Webster LEADS program fosters community-centric skills in our students, including cultural sensitivity, moral awareness, and self-reflection. By accounting for the experiences of those around them, students work towards making informed decisions that inspire the whole community. 

Develop essential teamwork skills within an international community

Prepare For the Global Stage

To succeed in a globalized world, graduates should be capable of exercising leadership in different contexts. Studying in Vienna provides students with a foundation of intercultural competence and a strong sense of what it means to serve as an international citizen. Learning how to work with those around us and within the framework of different social systems is an invaluable tool in the modern workforce. The Webster LEADS program encourages this idea of global integration by allowing students to serve as educators and role models within the Webster community. As participants gain experience leading within an international network, they develop a strong sense of responsibility for their decisions and the power of collective action. 

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